Route Of The Vikings


  • Departs from Dover, England
  • On 16th Jul 2018 for nights
  • Onboard Seabourn Quest
  • Prices from AU $15,489*

Pricing per person

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Cabin Twin
A - Oceanview Suite
V3 - Veranda Suite
PH - Penthouse Suite

Special Inclusions

Departing from Sydney + $590 per person
Departing from Brisbane + $50 per person
Departing from Adelaide + $1070 per person
Departing from Perth + $1270 per person

-Complimentary Two Veranda Suite Category Upgrade*
-Complimentary Veranda for Ocean View Suite Category Upgrade*
-Up to US $500 Shipboard Credit per suite*
-Up to AU $600 Air Credit per person*
-50% Reduced Deposit
-Up to 15% savings on Combination Cruises*

Book Penthouse and Premium Suites and receive:
-$1,000USD Shipboard Credit per suite*

ROUTE OF THE VIKINGS I Fly, Cruise & Stay package includes:
- Economy airfare with full service carrier from Melbourne to London returning from Reykjavik
- 2 nights 5 star accommodation in London including breakfast
- 21 night luxury cruise aboard Seabourn Quest from Dover to Reykjavik
- Tipping is neither required nor expected
- All ocean-front suites, luxuriously appointed
- Spacious all-suite accommodation with sweeping ocean views - most with verandas
- Complimentary welcome Champagne & in-suite bar stocked with your preferences
- Award winning dining carefully prepared with the freshest quality ingredients
- All dining venues are complimentary
- Complimentary premium spirits and fine wines available on board at all times
- BONUS onboard credit US $1000 suite, per twin cabin^
- All port/govt. charges
- 2 nights 4 star accommodation in Reykjavik including breakfast
- Air taxes

Cruise Details

21 Night Cruise sailing from Dover to Reykjavik aboard Seabourn Quest.

Seabourn Quest is the third iteration of the vessel design that has been called “a game-changer for the luxury segment.”

Seabourn Quest is the third iteration of the vessel design that has been called “a game-changer for the luxury segment.” Built at the T. Mariotti shipyard in Genoa, she was named in Barcelona on June 20, 2011. True to her Seabourn bloodlines, wherever she sails around the world, Seabourn Quest carries with her a bevy of award-winning dining venues that are comparable to the finest restaurants to be found anywhere. Seabourn Quest offers a variety of dining options to suit every taste and every mood, with never an extra charge. The Restaurant is the main dining venue on board, serving multi-course breakfasts, luncheons and dinners in an open-seating style amid a refined setting of gleaming white linens, polished alabaster walls, flowing sheer draperies and glittering crystal chandeliers. Menus reflect an insistence on fresh, high-quality ingredients, masterful preparation and appealing presentations. In a signature Seabourn salute to personalization, guests are invited to order from the Restaurant menu during extended service hours, and have their meal served in the privacy of their suites or on their verandas. Located all the way aft on Deck 8, the Colonnade is a more casual, very popular indoor/outdoor option serving lavish station-style buffet breakfasts and lunches. Dinners in the Colonnade are regionally-themed menus prepared in the open kitchen and served at table. Restaurant 2 is an intimate setting where guests can enjoy innovative small-plates tasting menus nightly by reservation. The Patio is a casual alternative offering poolside dining for luncheons and dinners, as well as freshly baked pizzas from its on-site oven all afternoon. Festive beach barbecues are frequent highlights on warm-water cruises, with lavish steak-and-seafood grills and Seabourn’s Signature Caviar in the Surf event. A comprehensive selection of delicious items from appetizers to scrumptious desserts is available for in-suite service 24 hours a day.

Highlights of this cruise:

As Britain's historic gateway to Europe, Dover and its famous white chalk cliffs have been the last glimpse of England seen by many a sea traveler over the centuries. When the Romans arrived, they erected a lighthouse to mark the coastline. One of the mightiest medieval castles built in Europe still stands atop those cliffs. Utilized by the British High Command to direct the evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940, the tunnels remained a military secret until recently. Dover is a convenient starting point for touring England's scenic southeastern region.

Cut deep into the westernmost point of Wales, Milford Haven has been an important safe harbor since the Middle Ages. The town was originally founded as a whaling port at end of the 18th century, and became a Royal Navy dockyard with twin fortresses later. Its economy has been a boom-and-bust cycle involving shipbuilding, fishing and more recently a terminal for the oil and liquid natural gas industries. The city historical museum is located in the 18th century Customs House building. Most visitors are attracted by the breathtaking vistas of cliffs, coastline and mountains that comprise the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, one of the United Kingdom’s most beautiful reserves.

Picturesque Oban is known as the Gateway to the Isles. Arriving by sea, as you will, means threading between the Hebrides into the perfect horseshoe bay and facing the town’s elevated Esplanade. The circular colonnade of McCaig’s Tower dominates a cliff above the town, and castles such as Dunollie and Dunnstafnage add visual appeal to nearby heights. Look into the Oban War & Peace Museum, located in the historic single-malt whisky distillery, which predates the town itself. Or travel to one or more of the eighteen so-called “Glorious Gardens of Argyll” that surround the town. The most popular attractions at the Sea Life Sanctuary are the endearing otters and seals on display, as well as the dramatic setting.

This archipelago of 18 beautiful, low islands is scattered just offshore of the Northwest Scottish Highlands, near the village of Ullapool. It is a popular area for boating, kayaking and other waterborne vacations by visitors staying in the many crofts, resorts and B and Bs in the area. The largest island, Tanera Mor, is currently unoccupied, although there are plans to open the local post office again in 2016. The post office has historically been responsible for issuing attractive special series of commemorative stamps that visitors like to purchase and send from the island. After a short hiatus in recent years, another set is planned for 2016. There is a single path circling the Anchorage, a sheltered bay on the east side. A prominent Scottish conservationist, Frank Fraser Darling, lived in the islands for two years during the 1930s, later writing about them in his book Island Years.

A distant outpost of Denmark, the Faroe Islands suddenly appear out of the misty North Atlantic, nearly 200 miles from the nearest landfall. Of the twenty-two islands in the group, seventeen are inhabited, with a population of 17,000 residing in the capital city of Torshavn. Irish monks discovered the islands in the 8th century and became the first settlers, only to be driven out by Viking explorers a century later. The traditions and legends of their Viking forefathers are kept alive in a language so close to old Norse that Faroe Islanders can still read the ancient texts inscribed centuries ago. The name Faroe comes from faereyjar, the Old Norse word meaning "Sheep Islands." With thousands of sheep dotting the hillsides, the name remains apt today. While sheep are important to the economy, the real wealth of the islands comes from the fishing industry. A fleet of over 300 trawlers and line-fishing boats bring in an average annual haul of 245,000 tons of cod and herring. Ultra-modern processing and freezing plants do the job of getting the product to market in the most efficient manner.

The capital of northern Iceland, Akureyri is set in Eyjafjordur, a lovely fjord district. The original settlement was first established to the south at Kristnes. It is not known exactly when trading began in Akureyri, but when the Danish trade monopoly was enforced in 1602 Danish merchants were allocated rights to trade here. The town attained municipal status in 1862. Because of its excellent natural harbor and good communications, Akureyri has become north Iceland's most important center of education, trade and industry. It is also the heart of the cooperative movement in the country with many coop concerns established in dairy and farm products. Surrounded by mountains, it is a town where urban, rural and marine life mix easily, and where a proud community spirit prevails.

The Icelandic port of Grundarfjorour is characterized by a unique climate and unusually beautiful surroundings, and it's no surprise that this area has long attracted visitors who enjoy the beauty of the fjord in peaceful surroundings. Around 1800, French merchants came to Iceland and many settled in Grundarfjorour. Over time, the town became rich through the fishing industry, and this wealth shows in the style of the original, luxurious houses that were built, many of which are still visible today. Nearby, there is a large lava field called Berserkjahraun that is naturally warm year-round. The townspeople are proud to say that Grundarfjorour is probably the only city in the world where the building authorities have provided allotments for the "hidden people" or elves.

Warmed by the Gulf Stream as well as by highly active thermal hot springs and volcanoes, Iceland is somewhat misnamed. While it is a stark and barren country with three huge areas of glaciers, one theory is that early Norsemen sought to mislead other potential settlers by giving a pleasant name to fierce, inhospitable Greenland, and a forbidding name to the imminently habitable Iceland. Irish monks and hermits established themselves here in the 8th century, but left a century later when the pagan Norsemen arrived. Europe's first Parliament of General Assembly, the Althing, was established in the year 930 and still functions as the legislative body, although it was suspended by the Danes at the end of the 18th century and not reconvened until 1843. Reykjavik was the site picked by the island's first permanent resident, Ingolfur Arnarson in 874, and is home to more than half of the island's total population. The world's northernmost capital, Reykjavik is proud of its virtual lack of air pollution. Both electrical power and home heating are derived from the geothermal activity on the island. The city's large swimming pools are always warm, and in the countryside exotic fruits such as grapes and bananas are cultivated in greenhouses made cozy with the help of underground hot springs.

Map of Cruise

Pre-Cruise Itinerary

Date Activity
14/07/18 Fly Melbourne to London, own way to hotel
15/07/18 London at leisure
16/07/18 Own way to port, embark Seabourn Quest

Cruise Itinerary

Date Activity Arrive Depart
16/07/18 Dover, England 05:00PM
17/07/18 At sea - -
18/07/18 Penzance, England 08:00AM 05:00PM
19/07/18 Skomer Island, Wales 05:00AM 07:00AM
19/07/18 Milford Haven, Wales 09:00AM 05:00PM
20/07/18 Douglas, England 08:00AM 06:00PM
21/07/18 Isle of Bute, Scotland 08:00AM 05:00PM
22/07/18 Oban, Scotland 08:00AM 05:00PM
23/07/18 St Kilda, Scotland 08:00AM 05:00PM
24/07/18 Ullapool, Scotland 09:00AM 06:00PM
25/07/18 Copinsay, Scotland 06:30AM 07:30AM
25/07/18 Kirkwall, Scotland 09:00AM 06:00PM
26/07/18 Isle of Noss, Shetlands 06:30AM 07:30AM
26/07/18 Lerwick, Shetland Islands, Scotland 09:00AM 05:00PM
27/07/18 Torshavn, Denmark 10:00AM 11:00PM
28/07/18 At sea - -
29/07/18 Vopnafjorour, Iceland 08:00AM 06:00PM
30/07/18 Akureyri, Iceland 08:00AM 11:59PM
31/07/18 Siglufjorour, Iceland 08:00AM 05:00PM
01/08/18 At sea - -
02/08/18 Ammassalik (Tasiilaq), Greenland 07:00AM 03:00PM
03/08/18 Skjoldungen Fjord, Greenland 08:00AM 05:00PM
04/08/18 At sea - -
05/08/18 Grundarfjordur, Iceland 08:00AM 05:00PM
06/08/18 Reykjavik, Iceland 07:00AM

Post-Cruise Itinerary

Date Activity
06/08/18 Own way port to Reykjavik hotel, rest of day at leisure
07/08/18 Reykjavik at leisure
08/08/18 Own way to airport, fly Reykjavik to Melbourne
10/08/18 Arrive Melbourne
Itinerary may vary by sailing date and itineraries may be changed at the cruise lines discretion. Please check itinerary details at time of booking and before booking other travel services such as airline tickets.